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dxw95's Profile
First Name: asmaa
Last Name: al-mutairi
User: dxw95
Country: kw
Gender: female
Birthday: 01/02/1994
Joined: 17/05/2008
Points: 2159
About me: hi everyone! am back! if u dont no me am asmaa born in oman but from kuwait am in morocco right now oh i also i looooove avril lavgne!! she rules!!!!! my fav band is simple plan am 10 born in 1998 feb 1 and guys stop the flirting seriously its gross friends only i like webkinz,toontown,and club penguin i go on many other sites too but mosty these i like cats i used to have 6 but my mom selled them she hates cats then i got 2 kittens she selled them again i was sooooooooooo mad! i didnt talk to her for a whole month! i love cats! ^_^!! there fuzzy and cute!! my hobbies r swimming,drawing,tag,amiricn football, and mostly playing :P o and sophia,leena, sammy, selena, and noor r my bffl!

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